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Surface Gravure Ink For Untreated Polyolefin (SGA)
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Surface Gravure Ink For Untreated Polyolefin (SGA)

SGA ink series is specially designed for the untreated polyolefin films and low surface tension films. The ink is based on polyamide substrate, and it exhibits excellent gloss, scratch and scuff resistance besides good adhesion, and the anti-blocking performance is very good as well.

Recommended substrate:
1- Untreated polyolefin films as PE (HDPE, LDPE) PP.
2- Low surface tension HDPE.
3- Low surface tension BOPP.
4- Metallize, aluminum foil and papers.

It can be applied on different printing speed from 20m/min to 150m/min, and different cylinder depth (from 10 micron to 50 micron).

Standard reducer SG volvent is available. Depends on the printing condition, the general printing viscosity as following: White ink: 17 - 20 seconds / zahn2 / 25oC; Color ink: 19 - 22 seconds / zahn2 / 25oC.

1- SGA ink series cannot be used for the applications that need high heat resistance, oil and grease resistance.
2- Although this ink is recommended for untreated film, but may not applicable to specific films.



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